Cables and Accessories

Cables and Accessories

Get the Most Out of Your Probe Cards.

what is the function of a probeA wide variety of accessories and cables are available to help you get the most out of your probe cards and easily integrate your probe cards into your testing system.


Cable Harnesses

Cables are available in lengths custom to the half-meter, and can be manufactured with a variety of industry standard connectors, such as coaxial, triaxial, Type8, Edge 24/48 or 35/70, DSub 9, 15, 25, or 50; or advanced multi-contact. Depending on the overall size of the final product, an anti-abrasion sheath may be used to prevent wire wear.

All cable systems are manufactured to perform to the highest standards of ultra low noise so that you can obtain the most accurate results possible. Contact us or call for details.

  • Low noise/low triboelectric effect
  • Low leakage/isolation between signal and guard
  • Low guard to shield capacitance/minimize load on guard amp
  • Strong to minimize damage/should be clamped or held


Light Tight Enclosure

The Celadon Octagon Light Tight Enclosure surrounds the probe card to guarantee maximum low-level current monitoring performance.

  • Removable side panels allow for customization of the cabling connection.
  • 25-pin AMP connectors allow quick connect and disconnect of the low leakage driven guard channels
  • A removable lid completes the light tight design

Modular Adapters

Rigid and stable probe card holder for T200™, T300™, and VersaTile™/VersaPlate™.  Also Compatible with T40™, T90™, and special probe cards.  Temperature Stable to 400°C.  Three point planarity adjustment.  Compatible with the Cascade Elite, Accretech UF3000, TEL P12, and other probers.  Also designed for high Z force multi-site probing applications.

  • High stability
  • Designed for correct probe card heights
  • Allows use of full range of Celadon ceramic probe cards such as T40™, T90™, T200™ and T300™
  • Has insert rings to hold various types of Celadon probe cards, which allows for rapid probe card changes
  • Theta change does not cause x-y shift, reducing setup time via central axis pivot action
  • Allows probe stations to use high pin count probe cards due to superior strength and rigidity (prober requires chuck with minimal tilt for given applied Z force)
  • Designed for thermal probing applications with materials that will hold up to wide temperature variations
  • Has high Z force planarity adjustments required by multi-site probe cards
  • Allows probe cards to be rotated so if wafer orientation changes, you do not have to purchase another probe card
  • Transportable from one prober to another with personality rings

 Aetrium Package Interface

  • Turns any Aetrium package tester into a wafer level or package tester
  • Interface boards available for all Aetrium application modules