Statistical Process Control


We are thrilled to be launching a new initiative this quarter! As part of our 2021 goal to achieve ISO 9001 certification, in tandem with a desire to increase standardization, Celadon manufacturing is implementing Statistical Process Control (SPC). SPC is a systematic approach that includes collecting and analyzing process data for prediction and improvement purposes. Statistical Process Control has been long been a staple in high volume manufacturing communities as an established method to improve quality.

However, the trick for Celadon, a custom lower-volume probe card manufacturer, is to select manufacturing process steps that would benefit from applying SPC by improving quality without increasing cost. We are happy to announce that through a continuous improvement initiative we identified our probe bending process as an ideal SPC candidate. We now collect measurement data in real-time during manufacturing, plot the data against pre-determined control limits, monitor these SPC graphs for variation, and analyze the variation to determine predictive behaviors.

Establishing SPC at the probe component level allows us to identify variation in our probe bending process, monitor process variation, and ultimately tightly control our process by identifying and removing special causes of variation. We are now using SPC to monitor probe key attributes such as toe angle, beam length, and toe length with upper and lower process control limits.

In the event special causes of process variation are identified, corrective action is taken to proactively address the issue and bring the process back within the control limits. Tightening up our probe bending process will allow us to produce more consistent, more accurate probes, higher quality probes with less manual intervention. This SPC initiative is a win-win for Celadon Systems and our Customers!

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