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Celadon Probe Card Service Program

Regular maintenance on your cards can reduce contact resistance and improve alignment. The end result is less set up time and more accurate measurements.

Celadon offers a base charge for preventative maintenance (align, clean, test) on single site cards for the current calendar year and one year prior. If the card has not been in for service since 2022 or longer there will be a $100 charge added for that year and for each year prior going back to the last time the card was serviced.

By utilizing this maintenance schedule, you will save on the cost of maintaining your cards when done regularly, enjoy increased performance from the card and have peace of mind knowing you are maximizing your yields.

Probe cards over 5 years old will be considered automatic rebuilds. Cards over 10 years old are considered obsolete and need to be replaced.

If you have any questions about this program please contact Michele Jorgensen: