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December 12, 2017
Updated Celadon Probe Card Service Program

Over the past year we have had an increased number of cards returned for service after being in the field for many years without service.

When cards haven’t been serviced regularly for such an extended period we run into a couple of issues:

· Sometimes we no longer stock parts to repair the cards due to technology improvements in our build processes.

· Other times the cards are so far out of specification it takes significantly more time in manufacturing to get the cards back in line to meet our quality standards.

To treat customers who maintain their cards on a regular basis fairly, we are implementing an incremental service charge starting January 2018. Rather than increasing the cost of all PM’s there will be a base charge and then an added charge, depending on the number of years since the card was built or last serviced.

As a customer you will save on the cost of maintaining your cards when done regularly, enjoy increased performance from the card and have the peace of mind knowing you are maximizing your yields.

Beginning in 2018, we will have a base charge for a preventive maintenance (align, clean, test) on single site cards for the current calendar year and one year prior. If the card has not been in for service since 2016 or longer there will be a $100 charge added for that year and for each year prior going back to the last time the card was serviced. This incremental increase will continue back through 2011. Those cards not serviced since 2010 will automatically be considered rebuilds and will be charged accordingly.

If you have any questions about this program please contact Michele Jorgensen: