Advanced Cryogenic Testing Systems and Methods

Innovation drives the demand for new technologies. Quantum computing, high-speed IR, photonics, space, and medical innovations generate demand to test semiconductor devices in cryogenic environments. Download the Celadon – FormFactor, Inc. CEC/ICMC 2021 Joint Poster “Advanced Cryogenic Testing Systems and Methods”

Millions and Millions of Touchdowns!

What can you expect from Celadon probe cards? Exceptionally long life, whether you are running high temperature tests in the lab or running production parametric probe, the results are the same – millions and millions of touch downs. This technical paper discusses the VC20™ with Advanced Cantilever™ technology probe card lifetime performance in production over the last three years at a customer site, check it out.

High Power

The automotive industry is driving high power testing across the semiconductor industry, check out Celadon’s is innovative high current solution using the VC20™ with Advanced Cantilever™ technology to characterize transistor’s on GaN.

High Voltage High Current

Innovative Engineering

Two of Celadon’s core values are invention and innovation which are exemplified in the Indexer™. The Indexer™ is the industry’s first Automatic Probe Card Changer using Celadon’s VC20™ with Advanced Cantilever™ technology parametric probe cards. Take a look at the video and technical paper presented at SW Test in 2013.

Technical Paper