Bryan has a BSEE from the University of Colorado, Boulder and is an IEEE Fellow. He started his engineering career at Mostek Corporation in Dallas TX as a device reliability engineer researching and developing fast semiconductor wafer level reliability tests. Bryan then took a job at Sperry Semiconductor in Eagan MN as a senior device engineer in the advanced technology development group continuing his device and reliability research. Bryan was the founder of Sienna Technologies in 1987, a semiconductor reliability test equipment company. In 1988 he left Sperry to devote full time to Sienna. He sold Sienna to Aetrium Corp. in late 1993 and left Aetrium in 1997 to start Celadon Systems focusing on ultra-high performance probe cards for device modeling, and wafer level reliability. Along the way he was the founding Chairman of the JEDEC 14.2, the industry standards committee on wafer level reliability; has published research at IEEE IRPS, VMIC, IIRW, was an invited speaker at SWTest and other conferences. Bryan holds more than 60 patents on his work.  Bryan is an avid skier, bicyclist, traveling around the world with his family, and all thing outdoors.