Ultra High Performance Probe Cards

  • The Element Series Indexer

    The Element Series Indexer Configure The Indexer with up to five ultra-high performance VC20 20mm VersaCore™ probe cards for automated production parametric test...

  • The Element Series

    The Element Series VC20 The ultra-high performance VC20 20mm VersaCore™ probe card for modeling and characterization, wafer level reliability, and production parametric test...

  • Ultra High Performance

    Ultra High Performance Celadon is the world's premier designer & manufacturer of ultra high performance probe cards and probing solutions for the semiconductor industry.

  • Modeling & Characterization

    Modeling & Characterization Probe cards made with Celadon's patented ceramic technology perform in a wide temperature range, are crash resistant, ultra low leakage, ultra low noise, and fast settling.

  • Wafer Level Reliability

    Wafer Level Reliability Explore Celadon's variety of ceramic probe cards designed for multi-site wafer level reliability testing.

  • Parametric Test

    Parametric Test Fast settling, ultra low noise measurements, and the lowest cost per touchdown parametric test probe card for the semiconductor industry.

  • Patented Technology

    Patented Technology Celadon's patented core technology of ceramic based probing solutions delivers the best results for semiconductor testing in modeling & characterization, parametric test, and wafer level reliability.

  • Fireworks

    Fireworks To celebrate the 4th of July at the office, we staged an explosive test with a T40 Series™ probe card.

  • Historic Cold Science Experiements

    How cold was it on January 6th?


The VersaCore™ The industry’s lowest cost-per-touchdown parametric probe card delivers ultra low leakage measurements, wide operating temperature range, ultra high performance, and infinite rebuilds…[+]

T40™ Series Probe Card The T40™ is the industry’s most versatile probe card – probe ultra high temperatures and ultra low temperatures, from -65°C to 400°C…[+]

MiniTile Probe Wafer level reliability testing can be easily customized for multi-site testing on various wafer layouts and designs… [+]


The Element Series Use the same 20mm VC20 probe card in a variety of snap-install interfaces for modeling and characterization, wafer level reliability, and production parametric test… [+]

Modeling and Characterization Low leakage and low noise probe cards deliver accurate data… [+]

Wafer Level Reliability Probe cards designed for high density multi-site wafer level reliability testing that’s fast and accurate… [+]

Parametric Test Low leakage data with the lowest-cost-per-touchdown parametric test probe card for Agilent and Keithley testers… [+]

About Us

Celadon’s History Since 1997, Celadon has forged a rich history of developing ultra high performance probe card technology… [+]

The Celadon Technology Difference Patented ceramic technology is at the core of our ultra low leakage and ultra high temperature probe cards… [+]

Frequently Asked Questions Common questions about our probe cards for wafer level reliability, parametric test, and modeling & characterization… [+]



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